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About us

Getting behind brands with the potential to skyrocket.

Some brands believe they can change the world. We’re here to help bring that vision to life.


Using the power of strategic and creative design, we deliver evocative concepts, exceptional design and engaging copy – all to help businesses upset the status quo.


Led by branding consultant Irwin, Notion Branding is committed to helping businesses attract and engage the discerning customer.


Irwin believes that branding should be accessible to any business owner. This is why over the years, Notion Branding has teamed up with various businesses, and helped them stand shoulder-to-shoulder with industry giants.


About Us

Irwin believes that good branding isn’t just a foot in the door. It has the power to build doors, realise visions, and make a real difference for any business in the market.


Having spent 8 years building and transforming brands, Irwin understands what it takes to attract, engage and persuade the discerning customer. Today, his clientele includes international skincare company RE:ERTH, premium caterer 3 Embers, and the Law Society of Singapore.

Branding cannot exist on its own. To achieve breakthrough results, Irwin synergises it with other aspects of the business such as marketing and sales. This is why Irwin’s clients have reported up to 148% revenue growth after rebranding.


As the founder of brand design consultancy Notion Branding, Irwin wants to make branding accessible to any business owner.


For him, the greatest form of satisfaction is seeing his clients achieve transformative success.


To help visionary brands realise their full potential by providing guidance, and developing a confident voice for them.


To be the preferred branding partner, and help businesses challenge industry leaders by giving them their best chance of success.


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Let’s tap into what makes your business unique, and take on the status quo.

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