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Launching a financial advisory agency that’s ready for an ever-changing world 
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Collectve Advisors is a financial advisory agency which offers financial lifestyle solutions while creating life-changing impact by bringing together the right people - and steering them in the right direction.


Our Services

Brand Naming

Brand Story

Brand Messaging

Brand Identity




Website Design

Designing a personable  brand with transformative energy

Crafted to position Collectve Advisor as not just another group of financial advisors. Instead, they are empathetic listeners who believe in forging relationships. It is at the heart of everything they do. And by coming together, they are empowered to make a real difference in people's lives.

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The logo - stylised C shapes represents people coming together to form a revolving star of empowerment.

Crafting the name

The name encapsulated his agency's vision and culture of being team orientated and people focused. The removal of the letter “i” from the word “Collective” references to the saying — there’s no “i” in team, which further underlines his agency’s emphasis on teamwork.



Inspired by the revolving star, we crafted a dynamic pattern and applied across the collateral. Together with a minimalistic design, colour palette and inspirational photography, we design a brand identity of warmth and professionalism.



We conceptualised an art direction of collectiveness with the team members working and playing together. Images are primarily used in the website, allowing audiences to relate with them while building a sense of trust. 

This was a full day shoot working with the members of Collectve Advisors.

Designing a dynamic and inspirational website

An elevated digital brand extension. The blend of warm imagery, inspirational write-up and dynamic transitions succinctly captured and communicated the unique transformative qualities of Collectve Advisors.


Users can also learn more about their advisory services, inspirational story and values, all of which distinguish them apart from other financial advisories.


Client testimonial

"I've never regretted going through this brand creation process with Irwin and Notion Branding. Irwin brought clarity and greater purpose to our group's direction. The first discovery session was tremendously insightful for all of us. It truly felt like suddenly there is light, and we can organise all these random ideas that we have into a coherent structure. 

The design work and implementation that followed was also beyond expectations. Irwin was always ahead of schedule and managed to hit all milestones effortlessly. Communication was frank and plentiful. Irwin took time to understand our business model and what we are trying to achieve.

Notion Branding also has a strong network of partners that help complete the experience. Anything from photography to web design implementation, Irwin has all the good people that can turn ideas into reality in no time at all. 

I fully recommend Notion Branding to any companies, small or large. Thanks for the great work!"

Gabriel Leong
Founder & Director
Collectve Advisors

Let’s tap into what makes your business unique, and take on the status quo.

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