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An elegant 
bakery cafe

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Divine Delight is an elegant bakery cafe which provides fresh and exquisite bakes, loaves, croissants and pastries. The perfect place for family and friends to enjoy a lovely brunch or afternoon tea break.

Our Services

Brand Identity



Website Design

Instagram Post Design

Crafting a classy brand with a modern royal colour palette

Divine Delight is targeted towards an audience who appreciates premium quality bakes. We apply the concept of symmetry to create an elegant and distinct logo. This forms a diamond in the center to mark Divine Delight's commitment to excellence in their bakes and services.


The flexible logo system is especially valuable for Divine Delight as it can be applied in many different situations.


Packaging & stationery

We created an identity system to ensure the colour palette, typography and printing effects are applied consistently to the different menus, gift cards, coffee cups and other stationery. 


Creating bespoke Instagram post design templates

The Divine Delight team can easily use the bespoke post design templates to share more about their latest bakes.


Let’s tap into what makes your business unique, and take on the status quo.

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